Chess Puzzle Contest Details
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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This contest begins at RES on Friday, December 1st.
For the past 3 years Rainbow has promoted a chess puzzle contest on that lasts even while the kids are on break.  It is a great way for our students to exercise their brains during the holiday break. I have included the announcement below that is also on the chess club page on the landing page.
This is not just for chess club or chess team members.  Over the years the students who have won were not even members of the chess team! 
Mr. Givens will update the leader board as we proceed and announce results.  Solving puzzles is wonderful for the brain no matter if students are familiar with chess or not! If a child is new to Rainbow, we can get them an account as soon as possible if they would like to participate.  GO ROCKETS!  
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