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"The single most important thing in life is to believe in yourself regardless of what everyone else says." - Hikaru Nakamura

Rainbow Elementary Chess Team is going to Disney World!

Rainbow National Team

The Rainbow Elementary Chess Team will be sending 3-person teams for each grade level K-6 to compete at the National K-12 Grade Championship at Disney World December 8-10th.  Read all about it in our newsletter.  You can register for Chess Team at Open House or turn in your registration forms through your child's teacher the first week of school.  Registration and Disney Forms are available here.   Registration for Recreation Chess Club has closed.  We will re-open registration in January.

Congratulations Rainbow Elementary Chess Team

5 Team awards at Super Nationals VI!  


The Rainbow Elementary Chess Team received a record number of  awards at the Super National Chess Tournament in Nashville May  12-14th.  Super Nationals occurs once every four years and is  the largest scholastic chess tournament in the United States.  This year  5,575 students in grades K-12 competed.

 Rainbow received 5 team awards:

 2nd place – K3 U1000 team of Karsten Wallace,  Artem Starenki, Caroline Wang, Marek Fries, and Landon Drummond.

9th place – K3 U700 team of Arnav Maskey, Monica  Chynoweth, Audrey Holschen, and Andrew Nguyen.

9th place – K1 U500 team of Holland  Lang,  Noah Hsu, and Blaise Bruni.

25th place – K5 U900 team of Luke Chynoweth,  Catrina Holschen, Owen Lang, and Corinne Wilhelm

26th place – K12 U1600 team of Constance Wang,  Victor  Lundy, Geon Park, and Xavier Bruni.

 Individual awards went to:

Constance Wang – 45th place tie in K12  U1600

Luke Chynoweth – 18th place in K5  U900

Karsten Wallace & Artem Starenki – 15th place  tie in K3 U1000

Holland Lang – 11th place in K1  U500

Also competing at Super Nationals were Ethan Kueck (K8 U750),  Zachary Calinsky (K5 U1200, Rachael Ehrman and Ryan Shurtz (K6 U1000).   Congratulations to Ryan Shurtz who achieved a rating above 1000 after Super  Nationals allowing him to be inducted into the Madison City Chess League 1000  Club for elementary students who achieve a rating of 1000 or higher while in  elementary school!


  Congratulations to our 2017 STATE CHAMPIONS!

Rainbow Elementary had two teams that won first and second place in the Primary (K-3) division at the state scholastic tournament in March, 2017. The Rainbow Red team of Xavier Bruni, Karsten Wallace, Caroline Wang, and Ethan Van placed first, and the Rainbow Blue team of Landon Drummond, Artem Starenki, Arnav Maskey and Andrew Nguyen placed 2nd!  


Xavier Bruni won 1st place, Ethan Van won 4th place, and Landon Drummond won 5th place in the individual competition in the Primary (K-3) division.  This was the second time a Rainbow student was declared champion of the Primary section. 

Rainbow Elementary also won its fourth consecutive Elementary (K-6)Team Champion title by placing 1st place with the team of Victor Lundy, Constance Wang, Geon Park and Zachary Calinsky.  For the first time, Rainbow had a student declared Co-Champion in the Elementary (K-6) division:  Constance Wang!  Also receiving individual awards were Geon Park (3rd) and Victor Lundy (5th).

For complete coverage of the State Scholastic Chess Championship read this from the Madison City Chess League blog.

Rainbow Elementary Team at National K12 in December 2016



 Photos from the UAH Scholastic Chess Tournament in Fall 2016.




June 5-9, 2017

Rainbow Elementary hosts the Summer Knights Chess Camp each summer to help students improve their chess skills before school starts.  The dates for the camp are June 5-9, 2017.  Online registration is available here.  Watch this video by WHNT News 19 about summer camp two years ago.  It is the premiere chess camp in our region. 


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